An Initiative of CII

The Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD) is the pre-eminent track-two young leaders’ dialogue between Australia and India. Its vision is to provide a sustainable platform for the youth of Australia and India to come together and foster an enduring partnership between the two great countries. Each year, the AIYD brings together 15 young Australian leaders and 15 young Indian leaders (aged between 18 – 40) in the fields of business, arts, academia, diplomacy, government, science and sport amongst others to discuss opportunities and challenges significant to the Australia-India relationship.

Participants are chosen from a variety of professional backgrounds with the aim of enabling a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives and encouraging our leaders of tomorrow to think creatively about how the Australia-India relationship may be strengthened through their own work and efforts. During the AIYD conference, high profile experts from different fields present their perspectives on issues that affect the Australia India relationship. Participants have the opportunity to engage with these speakers and have in-depth discussions on key issues raised. The AIYD presents these outcomes to the Australian and Indian Governments, as well as relevant government bodies, including the Australia India Council (AIC). After each AIYD conference, AIYD alumni are invited to stay connect at a variety of AIYD-led initiatives in Australia and India.

The first four conferences of the Australia India Youth Dialogue were held in India in 2012 & 2014 and Australia in 2013 & 2015, all of which were an outstanding success with the 2016 edition to be held between 27 – 30 January in the cities of Delhi, Mohali and Bengaluru (themes shall include sustainability, cultural identity and next generation leaders).

Yi has signed an MoU with the AIYD to help them in their objective(s) by being a pillar of support and strategy to this dialogue.